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My name is Helen Nneka Okpala (Nee Eke), and I love cooking food as much as I enjoy eating. I am Ibo by tribe, and fell in love with cooking when I was in my teens, but never had the opportunity to cook much because my elder sister loved colonizing the kitchen. lol. She is a good cook, really. My mum is a super cook and I learnt a lot from her cooking style. She told us she was a home economics student during her secondary school days and she had many cookbooks from which she got some recipes. Back then in the 90’s, she set up a business of buns making, and soya bean drinks which we supplied to shops. Then she was a secondary school teacher, but by God’s grace she is now a Deputy Registrar at University of Nigeria, Nsukka. We joined hands in preparing buns, soya-milk and other stuff. She would usually prepare lemonade and ginger drinks which she taught us as well.
I must also praise her goat meat sauce (Isi Ewu), omelette and scrambled egg. I could go on and on because she really helped my cookingskills. My favourite food is beans and plantain (dodo) with tomatoe sauce. Oh…how I love tomatoe sauce, especially when it is prepared with large derica red tomatotes and cut with knife rather than blended. To cut the story short, I love preparing these dishes:

  1. White rice and Sauce
  2. Beans and plantain (very ripe dodo)
  3. Edikaikong soup with a lot of periwinkles, canda and meat
  4. Egusi soup
  5. Goat meat pepper soup
  6. Fried rice

Aside preparing my favourites, I love learning from other talented cooks. I visit cooking sites a lot and have learnt some cooking tips from MasterChef Australia Seasons (Thanks to Engineer Victor Donwa, my husband’s colleague who is always ready to dish them out to me and also share recipes). I also belong to cooking groups on Facebook and WhatsApp Food Hack Club. I have invested in cookbooks and cake-making books. I once purchased a book from Amazon entitled: All Nigerian Recipes. I learnt about the wonderfully written cookbook from the All Nigerian Recipes  website .

I decided to open this food blog so I can share my thoughts, skills and recipes to the world . I also believe this is a way of preserving my recipes for future purposes. Please comment on my posts, share your ideas and share the posts to the various platforms provided. I love  you all. Thanks for stopping by.

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