Carrot and Peas Puree

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Babies need variety of stuff to eat to spice up their diet and at the same time keep them healthy. Gone are the days when the only food parents fed their babies with were pap, cerelac and milk. Babies are getting fed up with these recycled meals, that are why they choose not to finish even the little mls of milk in their feeding bottle.  A lot of already-made bottled baby food are in the supermarket, nevertheless,  it is high time mothers fed their babies with more healthy, fresh stuff. Carrot (Daucus carota) is essentially good for babies’ eyesight. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, vegetables are a good initial choice when you are ready to introduce solid foods to your infant’s diet, which generally comes around 4 to 6 months of age. On the other hand, Green peas (Pisum Sativum) provide Calcium, Vitamin A and C and Iron and they are  typically recommended for introduction into a baby’s diet between 6-8 months old...

On Valentine’s Eve 2014, I treated my baby to some carrot/peas puree and she enjoyed it so much so that at a point, she grabbed the spoon from and attempted to feed herself (Awwww!). She finished the puree and gave me signs that she needed more. she really enjoyed it and I would like moms to try it. Look at her! lol….

1.       1 big stick of carrot
2.       5 pods of green peas
3.       1 tablespoonful of pure Olive oil (to blend the puree together)
4.       1 glass of water
1.       Peel the carrot and peas and cut into tiny pieces
2.       Boil in water both for 2 minutes and ensure the water dries up.
3.       Blend the carrot and peas with the olive oil, adding little water and ensure a smooth blend of ingredients.
4.       Puree is ready for your baby! Hurray!

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