Double-layer molded rice with Cauliflower Top-dressing

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In December, 2016 when I travelled to Ghana for SAP Certification tutorial and exam, I lodged in a Guest house in Kumasi. All through my stay there, I noticed the way they molded their rice, especially jollof rice. I also noted how tasty their jollof rice was. They usually served us jollof rice with a kind of pepper sauce. It was so yum! I wouldn’t wanna compare Ghana jollof rice with Nigerian jollof rice, but all I can say is you need to try Ghana jollof rice. I got inspired to start molding my rice as they always did. There is something that comes with molded rice which I have noticed. It is usually attractive to the eyes. Presentation really matters in cooking. Now, back to Helen’s kitchen. Here, I have prepared jollof and curried rice and molded them in one piece. You can actually use any kind of mold ranging from ceramic plate to plastic ones. In fact, I once prepared a molded white rice using my daughter’s plastic plate. The trick with getting the mold turn out well is to let the rice cook well, else it will scatter on the plate and not form the desired shape. But then, don’t let your rice become soggy. 
1. One cup of rice
2. Ten large fresh derica tomatoes
3. One onion
4. Fresh pepper 
5. Two stock cubes
6. Thyme seasoning
7. One tablespoon of curry powder
8. Cauliflower
9. Vegetable oil
10. Two big loves of garlic
11. Goat meat

[For Jollof stew]
1. Dice the onion and saute in vegetable oil
2. Dice the garlic and add
3. Add a little salt and thyme and stir 
4.. After about 4 minutes, add the diced tomatoes and stir
5. Continue stirring until the tomatoes become soft and the sour taste, gone.
6. Add pepper and stock cubes.
7. Continue stirring on low heat until the taste of the ingredients bind together and the sour taste of the tomatoes is gone. Then take down and set aside.
[For Jollof Rice]
Of course, you must have parboiled the rice before now and also separated. So, the first thing for making your quick jollof for this recipe is to do the following: 
1. Take half the quantity of the parboiled rice and set aside.
2. In a boiling water, drain the oil the stew, pour in 80% of the stew inside the pot spice it up a little as the water and the rice you will add will take up the intially added spices.
3. Cook for a few minutes, then add the parboiled rice. Ensure the water is a little above the level of rice.
4. When the water has almost dried up in the rice, check if the rice is properly cooked to your taste.
5. At this point, you add the remaining stew and stir, then cover the lid and turn the burner to low heat. Turn off the light after about 2 minutes. At this stage also, you can add carrots, green peas, etc…if you wish.
[For curried Rice]
1. Pour in the curry in a boiling water and stir well to melt.
2. Spice up the mixture with garlic, stock cubes, thyme, salt and pepper.
3. After a few minutes, add the other half of the parboiled rice and stir a little.
4. Boil till it’s well cooked, then turn off the burner and set aside.

[To Mold the rice…]

1. Get any size and shape of a bowl from your cupboard. You can even use a small food flask, depending on the shape you wish to produce. You can also use a love-shaped mold.
2. Pour in the curried rice and press a little with your cooking spoon.
3. On top of the curried rice, pour the jollof rice and press with spoon.
4. Place a flat plate on top of the mold and turn over.
5. The rice will be perfectly placed on top in a double layer as you can see in the picture. You can even do as many layers as you wish so as to form a rainbow rice. lol.

[To Serve…]

1. Steam the cauliflower with salt and place on top of the rice, then add your cooked or friend meat at the side.

Your food is ready!

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