Edible Winged Termites Delicacy

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I woke one morning, precisely on 14th July 2016,  got downstairs to get some stuff, and guess what I saw? Hmmm…they call it ‘aku’ in my local language – Igbo. These are popularly called winged termites (Macrotermes bellicosus). I saw these on our fence alive and I quickly thought of doing justice to them. I posted this same morning on Facebook and friends commented positively showing some love for winged termites. If you have not tasted aku, you are missing….Read more>>>
So I guess you can visit the Thailand store to purchase, or next time, you call for delivery. lol. Meanwhile, if you want to prepare this delicacy, you can catch them as they fly or in the morning, you lift any stone or just anything and you will see them everywhere. Most often, they are in two’s and crawling under the smallest weight, even iron rods. Another tip is to ensure you have your electric bulbs switched on at night after a heavy rainfall. Termites are seasonal and appear like magic at some point during the rainy season. The only stumbling block to having lots of them is NEPA, if you get what I mean. lol. Once there is electric power, you can catch a whole lot of them more than you could with lantern. Well, that’s by the way. Let’s go straight to business. 

1. A bowl of flying Termites, dead or alive.
2. Salt
3. Water to wash the termites
1.  Wash the termites in running water with salt, to wash off sand, especially if you picked them from the ground.
3. After washing, add salt to taste, to the wet termites. 
4. Put your frying pan on the burner and let the water dry up
5. Pour the termites in the frying pan and stir
6. Continue stirring until dry and brownish, but juicy and not dried up. 
7. Turn off the burner and de-wing the termites. This time, it will be easy to remove the wings. 
8. Sieve the termites and it’s ready to eat. 
I remember posting this on 14th July, 2016 on Facebook and got lots of positive responses. See screencapture after the cut:

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