Edible winged termites

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We call it àkù in Igbo language. Funny enough, there’s a town near Nsukka, the eastern part of Nigeria called àkù. Who knows, maybe they ate too much of winged termites back in the days and were therefore baptized with that name?😆. Please, may I not be Christened with what I love eating ooo🤣. You can’t guess what my nane would turn to already.

That was on a lighter note, though. So, here we have edible winged termites which we usually fetch during rainy season here in Nigeria. When there’s electric power and everywhere is lightened up at night, these termites fly around the bulbs and fall when tired. Most of them shed their wings and hide under stones or hard surfaces. What most people do is to keep a bowl of water so they fall in them. In the morning, the stones and other hard objects outside, are raised up so these termites ate fetched. Sometimes you see them in twos or colonies. You can bet those are couples👍😆.

This very day, I woke and saw them on my fence looking so artistic and eye-catching (see picture below👇).

Although I was on my way out  but I had to choose between getting some free early morning proteins and losing out completely😆.

I quickly called my people and we got the termites in the bowl. By the way, have I mentioned that the Scientific name for Winged termite is Macrotrrmes bellicosus? Now you know, let’s see how to take it down our throat👇😊:

1). First, you collect them and wash them in a bowl of water.

You have to eash thouroughly and severally, to remove tbe sand. Do not bother about removing tbe wings at this point.

2). Place your frying pan on your gas burner and add the termites inside. Add salt to taste and stir. Keep stirring until the termites are dried up and well roasted. If you take a bite, the white fluid won’t come out like when it’s raw. You will perceive the aroma when it’s done. Some people actually eat raw winged termites.


3). You can now rub the roasted termites inbetween your palms to remove the wings. 👇

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