Edikaikong Soup with swallow

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Last Saturday, I wanted to cook oha soup but when I bumped into some fresh water leaves in the market, I quickly changed my mind. Luckily for me, I saw accompanying fresh pumpkin leaves which I ended up buying. I had to look for where I could buy periwinkles. In Nsukka market, only very few people sell periwinkles. One can actually buy de-shelled ones if you don’t want to be sucking it out of the shell while eating. These few sellers at Ogbete market, sell ukazi leaves too, or what the Akwa Ibom and Calabar people call Afang. I also bougth a handful of kpomo/kanda. This is usually cut into pieces instead of big chunks. You can use assorted meat. I actually used kpomo, stock fish and chicken. As I went home, I quickly dropped my bag and dashed into the kitchen to prepare Edikaikong Soup.
1. One large wrap of waterleaves and pumpkin/ugwu leaves
2. Assorted meat. (Like I said earlier, I used chicken, stock fish and kpomo).
3. One cooking spoon de-shelled periwinkles
4. Crayfish and pepper
6. Onga seasoning for soup
7. One teaspoonfulful of grounded locust bean seed (okpayi)
8. Two stock cubes
9. Three cups of red palm oil (This soup needs enough oil)
10. Salt to taste
1. Shred the leaves and first add the waterleaves in the pot.
2. Add the pumpkin leaves over the waterleaves
3. Add the crayfish, pepper, stock cubes and salt on top of the leaves
4. Add the oil round the pot and ensure it settles at the base of the pot. The water  from the water leaves and the oil, form the liquid in the soup. This entails you don’t add water to the soup.

5. Add the assorted meat and cook for about 15 minutes as you continue to stir.

6. Add the periwinkles and allow to cook for 2 minutes.

7 Serve with any swallow of your choice. I used semovita swallow and it was yummy, to the extent that my father in-law who partook of the meal, said it’s high time THEY opened a restaurant for me. Now that…..BLEW my Head…. lol..
Meanwhile, sorry for the single picture. I did not capture all the capturables for this post.

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