Every Pizza has an Eater!

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Groundnut Crust Pizza

Some people are praying to be pregnant;
others are praying not to be.Some people need sugar to survive;
others need sugar to DIE.
Some people need rope to commit suicide;
others need it to climb up a ditch to live.

Some people complain of too much love;
others complain of not one love.
Some people need a wife in their life;
others cut their wife with a knife.
Some people need a gun to run;
others run when there’s no gun.

Some people are scared when in darkness;
others are scared when there is light.
Some people are rich but cannot give;
others can give,but are not rich.
Some people eat their pizza alone;
others buy for friends and more
Just because #EVERY #PIZZA has an #Eater!

Helen Nneka Okpala🍕
Helen’s Food and #Innovative #Services
Written November 21, 2020.

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