Featuring a Male Cook: How to prepare Fried Rice, with Dr. Ihekwoaba

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Dr. E. C. Ihekwoaba
This may come as a surprise, but I tell you…today is not about me and my cooking, because I was thrilled when my colleague and friend – Dr. Ihekwoaba revealed to me (during an interview) that he could cook. I have always known him as a food lover, but not to the extent of cooking appetizing meals like a female would. In his words:
Whenever you say you like food I say in my mind I like it more than you o. In fact, am a food freak, and I can cook too
That was inspiring, and so, I decided to throw the challenge at him, to prepare a dish and send the recipe and guess what? He thrilled me with his style of recipe and ingredients and food displays…so neatly displayed, and meticulously at that. In fact, I have just learnt from this…Stage 1, Stage 2, etc. Yeah!
Not that men do not cook, but in this part of the world, we feel cooking is meant more for the female folk. After all, someone recently said his wife ‘belongs to the kitchen’. lol. That’s by the way. 
Now let’s relax and catch up with Dr. Emmanuel Ihekwoaba, the Head of Special IT Project Unit, at the University of Nigeria Nsukka Library, as he shows us how to prepare delicious fried rice. 

1. Salt 
2. Rice
3. Pepper
4. Chicken flavour spice
5. Curry Powder
6. Thyme
7. Green peas
8. Red Onions
9. Green Pepper
10.Vegetable Oil
13.Green Beans
14.White Onions
15. Stock cubes

Stage 1
1.  Add 4 cubes of Chicken flavour Spice, Curry Powder, Thyme, Salt, Red Onion to the Chicken. 
2. Add little Water to the Chicken. 
3. Mix it well with your hand in the Pot and Cook well till its soft. Sieve out the Chicken Sauce and keep aside.
Stage 2

1. Wash and Parboil your Rice
2.  Put your Pot back to the Burner
3.  Pour in your washed parboiled Rice and add your Sauce, 4 Cubes of Chicken flavour, Salt, Pepper and turn very well. 
4. Make sure that the water is just a little above the Rice. If the Chicken sauce is enough, forget adding extra water, if not add extra water.
Stage 3
1. Fry your Chicken. 
2. Put the Oil used to fry your Chicken back to the burner.
3.  Make sure the Oil is enough otherwise add a some Oil. 
4. When it is hot, add your Carrot, Green Peas, Green Beans, 2 Cubes of your Chicken flavour, Green Pepper, White Onion, Curry powder, Salt. 
5.  Turn for 1 minute then pour  it to the pot of Rice. 
6. Before adding the sauce to the Rice, make sure the water has dried up but not yet sticking to the Pot. 
7. Turn off your Burner. Turn to mix well and check for Salt.
Your fried Rice is ready

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