Four-In-One Smoothie

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*Four-In-One Smoothie

1) *Five Overripe Mangoes🍋
2) *1/4 Watermelon🍉
3) *5 Tangerine spp of Oranges🍊🍈
4) *Two Apples🍎🍏
5) * Binatone Blender. You can use any good blender.
6) * My hands🤲
7) *Kitchen Knife🔪
8) * Two tablespoonfuls of Dano Milk. You can use any powdered, liquid or condensed milk.

*Peel off the back of your overripe or very ripe mangoes.
*Remove the seeds in your Oranges by using Orange squeezer or you squeeze into a bkwl & pour in a sieve.

* Also remove the seeds in the Watermelon and apples then cut all in bits. You may say the watermelon seeds are nutritious, but to achieve smoothness with your smoothie, you have to de-seed your watermelon otherwise, the seeds will remain as they are. They never blend, no matter how long you blend. You don’t need to experience this. I’ve suffered this on your behalf, trust me😁.

* Pour everything into the blender and blend until very smooth. The roughages from the apples and Mangoes may be eaten separately, if you care for the nutrients therein.

*Add the milk and blend again.

Your smoothie is ready! Look at those bubnles…Hmmmmm. the taste? Top Notch. Mangoes are more, so it sweetened the drink. No need for any sweetner.

But if your fruits ain’t tasty, you may need to add your natural honey, like one tablespoonful.

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