Fruit Salad with variety nuts dressing

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On Saturday, Ist December 2018, I attended a Ph.D convocation party of one of my immediate bosses here in University of Nigeria, and one of the delicacies I tasted was fruit salad. I took particular interest in the fruit salad because of the peanut dressing and then decided to try it at home. Now, I’ve been able to prepare mine with a little twist by dressing mine with almonds, cashew nuts and peanuts. This will add more nutrients to the salad. You can use a many fruits as you wish but I used the ones listed below:

1. One medium size paw paw
2. Two green apples (I actually wanted red apples in addition, but didn’t get in Nsukka market).
3. Three large yellow bananas
4. One quarter of One large watermelon
5. One medium size pineapple
6. Four sweet oranges
7. One 250g tin of fresh milk
8. One handful of almond nuts
9. One handful of cashew nuts
10. One handful of peanuts
1. Dice all fruits (except orange) in little cubes and add by layers
2. Squeeze out the orange juice and pour over the fruits mixture
3. Pour the milk over the mixture
4. Sprinkle the nuts over the whole mixture
5. Put in the refrigerator to cool
6. Pour in little bowl and enjoy your fruit salad. 

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