Grilled Chicken Laps – So juicy

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I just felt it’s been long I grilled chicken, so I decided to put my gas cooker oven to work this afternoon and it never disappointed me as usual. I love cooking my chicken for a short while before grilling, to remove that feeling of eating raw chicken. I simply took the following steps to achieve this juicy, yummy recipe.

1. Six chicken laps
2. Two Knoor Chicken stock cubes
3. One large Onion
4. Fresh Thyme (I got it from Shoprite, Enugu. You can only find dry thyme in Nsukka)
5. Two lobes of large white garlic
6. Salt to taste.
7. One red pepper

To marinate the chicken to get the ingredients to soak in the chicken: 
1.  wash the chicken well to remove the blood and dirts
2. Apply one knoor cube and a little salt on the chicken
3. Rub other ingredients (thyme, garlic)on the chicken
4. Soak the chicken in a bowl of onions (half of one large onion) and keep in the deep freezer for two hours.
5. Put the chicken in a pot and place on the burner.
6. Add the other onion half on top of the chicken, a little pepper, garlic, thyme and salt
7. Cook for 10 minutes and ensure the water dries up.
To grill the chicken:
1. Place the chicken on your griddle or oven and allow to grill on low heat for about 1 hour.

Note to always turn the chicken over by flipping once in a while until both sides are golden brown.
You will notice that the chicken drips out some oil which is collected by the oven tray. It is normal and a good way of getting rid of excess oil/fat from the chicken.

Dish your chicken on a plate and serve as food or its accompaniment. Good luck and don’t forget to share this page on your social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) or make your comments.

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