Grilled Fish with Sweet Corn

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I never knew I could use my gas oven to grill corn until I tried, after grilling the “scombia” ice fish which I bought in the local market. So many of us do not know we can grill ice fish and enjoy it, just the way we eat grilled Catfish and Tilapia fish. Ice fish is the dominant fish in Nsukka local market and I decided to give it a try, grilling it. “Scombia” fish is perculiar with it’s fresh, fatty aroma and taste. It contains good omega 3 oil too. The ingredients I used for the recipe are:

Grilling time: 40 minutes

  1. One Medium-sized Ice fish
  2. One medium-sized onion
  3. Two pieces of red pepper (grounded)
  4. One teaspoonful of dried thyme
  5. One teaspoonful of salt (May not add all)
  6. A kilo of sweet corn. (I purchased mine from Shoprite Mall, Enugu)

  1. Allow the fish to be at room temperature, then wash and shred off the fins
  2. Neatly dissect the fish to remove the unwanted stuff from the fish tommy
  3. Open the opening at the head to remove the gills
  4. Dice the onions and pepper, then rub inside the fish and on the skin
  5. Apply salt and thyme same as above (i. e., rub inside and on the body of the fish) 
  6. To hinder the fish from disintegrating while grilling, use soft rope and tie the fish round, then put in the oven.
  7. After about 30 minutes, add some little drops of dark soy sauce, to add  a little sour taste to the fish so it blends the taste.
  8. To grill the corn, simply place the corn in the oven and check often to ensure it doesn’t get burnt.
  9. When it turns bit brown and soft, bring out from oven and serve with the fish which should have been done already.

Happy Grilling and Munching!

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