Health Benefits of Red Grapes

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Í have realized the need to not only share food/drinks or any other recipes, but also UNLEASH the Health benefits of our  intakes. My hubby bought us some grapes,  alongside other goodies (#goodiebag) and Í fell in love with how fresh the grapes and pears he got were.
Í quickly linked up the Heath benefits of these fruits,  especially grapes.  This was because my daughter loved them.
Just this Morning,  Í read that red grapes contain fewer calories than green grapes (Yaaay!).
They contáin Vitamins A,  B6, C,  Potassium,  Calcium,  etc.  They are Good for the skin,  hair,  kidneys and eyes.
Í cannot exhaust the list,  so you can GOOGLE this post to lean more!

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Red grapes

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