Helen’s Pocket Roll (HP Roll)

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As I was about making a cup of coffee for my husband this morning, I was inspired to convert the coffee to breakfast. And so, I thought of using chicken to create a rich pastry to go with the coffee.
I quickly started off with something. I didn’t exactly know what I was doing, but my whispered into my ears, giving me the wow recipe. All I wanted was a crispy pastry wrap and a tasty filling to stuff into the wrap.
In the end, I came up with this delicious pastry which my husband named ‘ , but I added ‘pocket’ to it (it resembles a pocket), so it’ll be called ‘ . The wrap is as crispy as I love it.

After naming it, I searched in Google to discover there’s a pastry called pocket roll. Wow! On hearing this, my husband said: ‘there’s nothing as standard as the truth’.

I therefore present to you, ‘ . You can call it for short.

Now I truly believe in because I have a i ☺

NOTE: For your special occasion, I can make this for you. I’ll prefer to make this in a large quantity.
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