Home made Lemon cake

Lemon cake
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Lemon cake

Last week, I craved for lemon cake and decided to bake one😊.

My daughter was there to lend a helping hand, of course. Since the lockdown, I have had enough time to spend with my family and it’s been fun all the way. Ever mention ‘baking’ in my girl’s hearing? She’ll so not let you rest until you come up with a cake. How she loves them, especially cup cakes.

This post is just to showcase tbe end product my 30-minute lemoñ cake and not to give the recipe. I promise to bake another one so I will share the recipe with you guys. Not like I cannot do it here, but I did not snap enough pictures to showcase the process.

Am I forgiven already?😆

Just so you know, I heard you say YES! 👍 Thanks, LOVELIES! Catch ya!💃

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