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There are various kinds of ways of preparing salad, especially down here in Nigeria. During occasions like burials, weddings and meetings, the most commonly served kind of salad is coleslaw.Lots of people refer to coleslaw as salad just because it contains cabbage and carrot. You don’t really blame caterers for resorting to coleslaw for their clients as it is very easy to prepare. Just grate your cabbage and carrots and then mix with mayonnaise. Most often, the mayonnaise is mixed with sprite to increase the volume. Although these are one of the major ingredients of salad, but that doesn’t make it one. To have a yummy salad for your family and friends, choose rich ingredients like egg, cucumber, tomatoes, etc. Here we have a recipe for a yummy salad you can prepare at home: 
1. One sizeable cabbage
2. Six medium-sized carrot sticks
3. Four Derica tomatoes for slicing
4. Four to five large eggs
5. A tin of baked beans
6. Green beans (fresh or tinned)
7. Salad Cream
1. Dice the carrots into four tiny cubes. Pour over boiling water, sieve and set aside
2. Cut the cabbage into tiny bits. Pour over boiling water, sieve and set aside
3. Slice the derica tomatoes in thin circles. I chose derica because it is usually strong and not watery.
4. Boil the uncooked green beans for 2 minutes and set aside
5. Get a clean white bowl and pour the ingredients, layer by layer. To ensure the salad turns out colourful and attractive to the eyes, try to  have the egg contrast with the tomoatoes and baked beans. You cannot place eggs beneath your salad bowl, otherwise it will be smashed by other ingredients. Just as seen in the picture, the salad is appetizing and attractive to the eyes. Afterall an Igbo adage has it that the eyes would eat first before the mouth. 

You can add your salad cream to the salad already scooped into individual plates. 
You’re Done! Try this out and make your comments in the comment box below…

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