How to Prepare Pap

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Pap – The Igbos call it akamu while the Yorubas call it Ogi. Pap is made from white or yellow corn or related cerals like millet, and many others. You can actually mix corn, millet and other cereals for a rich pap. To produce pap from scratch, you need to soak the maize overnight for three days, while changing the water every morning after which you grind three times and then sieve. You place in a bag to drain the water. That becomes the raw pap. 

Because it’s already starchy, many families serve it alongside proteinous dishes like akara (beans balls), moi moi, okpa, etc.

Pap is prepared just the way you prepare custard. It seems simple, but not everyone knows how to prepare pap. For a smooth pap, follow the following directions: 

How to prepare Pap (Akamu/Ogi)
1.Mix the pap with water until it’s fairly thick.
2.Boil water and pour in a round direction, over the pap mixture.
3.As it thickens, stir until the mixture attains your choice consistency.
4.You can add more boiling water and stir, if it is too thick.
5.You can add sugar or honey and serve with hot okpa, akara or moi moi.

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