Iron Beans Porridge

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I grew up loving beans porridge. Then it was the tiny species of beans my mum usually prepared for us. As a Botanist, I like finding out the names, species and nutritional values of food. Phaseolus vulgaris is the botanical name for beans, generally. There are various species of beans but Iron beans is the type I used to prepare this meal. It is so called, because it is rich in iron. Beans are good for the heart (heart-healthy) because they contain an abundance of soluble fibre which can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Beans are also low in fat and contain no cholesterol. About 1/2 cup of beans provides 7 grams of protein (Click here for source). I could go on and on. I cannot forget to say that beans cut cancer risk and balance blood sugar. Some people love adding much red oil to their beans, but I love moderation for health reasons. But then, red oil has a way of adding fresh taste to beans porridge. Iron beans which I used in this recipe, is usually big and not as tiny as other types (see picture).
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You can prepare beans in many ways – white beans eaten with stew, moi moi, akara, beans porridge (beans with red oil), etc. You only need few ingredients to get your beans ready!

1.)  3 cups of iron beans
2.)  4 bulbs of fresh otanjere red pepper
3.) One large Onion bulb
4.) Half cube of Maggi
5.) Two cooking spoons of fresh palm oil
6. ) Salt to taste


1. First, you need to parboil your beans by adding water to your pot then leave to boil, after which you add the beans.
2. After 15 minutes, pout in sieve and drain the water
3. Add fresh water to the pot and leave to boil, then add the beans back.
4. Cook until soft, then add the onions (diced or pounded) and allow to boil for 15 minutes.
5. Add the maggi, salt and pepper and cook again for 20 minutes
6. Add the red oil and cook till done.
7. When done, stir with wooden or cooking soon to form a thick paste.

Your beans is ready!

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