My ”Upside-down eggless honey cupcake with watermelon and honey dressing”

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Wondering why I personalized this recipe? Chill….I just tried it out, never saw it in any recipe and it turned out cool. I loved the combo of those watermelon cubes and honey. It was wow! I have also called this an ‘upside down cupcake’ because they are two cakes which I turned against the other. Helen, enough of talking too much……..Now this:…Read more>>>
1. 150g  unsalted butter stored in room temperature
2. Half cup of white sugar
3. One cup of all purpose flour
4. One teaspoon of baking powder
5. Half cup of milk
6. 4 tablespoonfuls of original Opi Nsukka honey
7. One capful of vanilla extract
8. A pinch of salt.
For dressing..
1. Small chunk of chopped watermelon red fruit and a little chunk of the green side.
2. 4 capfuls of original Opi Nsukka honey.
3. A teaspoon of watermelon seeds
Putting it all  together…..
1. Put the butter in cubes into a bowl and whisk a little
2. Add the sugar and whisk together until blended and fluffly , also creamy/a bit whitish in colour.
3. Pour in the milk bit by bit and continue whisking
4. Add the vanilla extract and the honey and continue whisking
5. Sieve in the flour,baking  powder and salt into the butter mixture
6. Instead of whisking the dry and wet ingredients, use a spatula at this juncture and fold in the flour into the butter mixture. Do not over mix. This is to ensure that the fluffiness already built into the batter by the air trapped in when  the initial mixing was taking place.
7. Pour in two serrated cupcake tins and bake in a preheated oven of 180 degrees Celcius and bake or about 20-30 minutes or after a skewer or toothpick inserted comes out clean.
8. Place on  a wire rack to cool before removing from the cakes from the tins.
9. Place one cake on a clean place and turn over the other on top (See picture).
10. For the dressing, chop the red and green parts of watermelon into small cubes and place on one side of the plate you have placed the cakes on.
11. Sprinkle the watermelon seeds on top of the cake base (which now serves as the top).
12. Add the honey in drops on the plate and be sure to eat all together.
NB: The watermelon seeds are edible and contain several nutrients such as protein, B vitamins, minerals, etc. These seeds can be dried and roasted mixed in the cake batter or yet, plated alongside the cake.
Why don’t you try this recipe right now and drop your comments. And don’t forget to turn the cakes upside down. Ha ha! 


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