Plantain Porridge and Sweet Potatoes

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Plantain Porridge is a very nice delicacy recommended for Diabetic patients down here in Nigeria. ln several occassions, plantain porridge is cooked to boost the iron intake of the eaters. This is because, unripe plantain is said to be rich in iron. Recentl, as I entred the farm to pluck scent leaves, I asked myself  how I can prepare this plantain porridge meal in a special and tastier way and still retain its healthy contents. I thought of sweet potatoes. Usually, I dice my plantain in tiny bits and so, I decided to also dice the potatoes in tiny bits, but in larger chunks. See recipe:
1. Five fingers of unripe plantain porridge
2. Two small sweet potatoe tubers
2. Pepper
3. 2 Stock cubes
4. Crayfish
5. A little locust bean (Okpeyi)
6. Scent leaves
7. 1 head of stock fish
8. Large Onion bulb
9. Two cooking spoons of red palm oil
10. Salt to taste
1. Cut the plantain and potatoes in bits, like chopping them in cubes separately and set aside.
2. Boil four cups of water and add the ingredients – crayfish, pepper and stock cubes

3. Allow to boil for about 10 minutes, then add the plantain cubes.

4. Put the stock fish and allow to cook for about 20 minutes, then add the potatoe cubes (sorry, I couldn’t get the picture of the potatoe cubes). The potatoes cook faster than the unripe plantain, that’s why you need to add later.
5. Add oil and cook for 18 more minutes and then stir to thicken.
6. Add salt to taste, then shred the scent leaves and add. Cook for about 5 minutes and it’s done.

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