Pressure-cooked black-eyed beans porridge with potatoes serving

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Time they say, is money and no woman wants to waste so much time in the kitchen. Cooking skills include being able to cook fast and ending up with a good taste altogether. One serving of black-eyed peas/beans (beans (Vigna unguiculata subsp. unguiculata) contains 70 calories, making it a low-calorie option when served without additional condiments. The majority of calories come from carbohydrate sources (16 grams). Each serving also contains three grams of protein. The beans do not contain any fat or cholesterol.  Black-eyed peas provide five of the 8-11 milligrams of zinc that is recommended each day by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institutes of Medicine…Read more>>>

Now back to business…… Have you ever cooked with pressure pot before? Do you get scared while it gets boiling and you are like: ‘What the hell!!!!’ hahahaha!  Truly, the sound could scare to bits but a woman has got what she ‘s got to do for her family to be happy. Now, some of my friends don’t believe this when I tell them I use pressure pot/cooker to prepare beans. This is because it is only associated with tough elements like kpomo, pork and other meat types.  This recipe gets your beans cooked just a maximum of 30 minutes,  and it doesn’t get tastier than this. Trust me. I learnt this from my mummy. All thanks to her.

1.       Three cups of Iron beans (Treated)
2.       Three pieces of Nsukka yellow pepper or any other fresh pepper
3.       One maggi cube
4.       Three cooking spoonfuls of red palm oil
5.       One large bulb of onion (chopped or grounded)
6.       One tablespoonful of grounded crayfish
7.       Some potatoes
8.       Salt to taste
1.       Wash the beans and pour in the pressure pot. Cover the beans with enough water ,and bring to boil.
2.       When the beans starts to boil, check your time and let it boil for 10 minutes, then turn off the burner.
3.       Allow to cool for ten minutes before uncovering the pressure pot.
4.       Pour away the seemingly dark water and pour a fresh hot water into a regular cooking pot
5.       Pour the beans into the regular cooking pot and put all the ingredients into the pot at the same time. i.e, the pepper, onions, crayfish, maggi, salt and oil)
6.       Cook for about 10 minutes and your porridge beans is ready.
7.       Fry potatoes and serve.

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