Quickie Jollof Rice

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Did you just return home from work or business and found you have nothing to eat at home? Why not open that fridge of yourse and grab some fresh tomatoes and enter the kitchen for a quickie yummy rice? Now, don’t look at me that way because you heard the word ‘quickie’. What if I had said ‘food porn’? Of course, I do porn but food porn anyway. lol. Quickie here means something you can prepare in no time. That is, quickly.  Back to business jare. We are cooking this rice, without fish nor meat. We assume there’s chicken in the freezer already which we will microwave and eat the rice with. These days, home fast food is trending, due to the busy life everyone lives. It’s usually on weekends that we bring out so much time to do the needful. lol. So, now that you are so famished and need something to eat, quickly follow the recipe below:

1. Two cups of Nigerian rice
2. Fresh tomatoes
3. Two large bulbs of onion
4. A little crayfish
5. Two stock cubes
6. Few bulbs of pepper
7. One cup of vegetable oil
9. Salt to taste

1. Parboil the rice and set aside
2. Dice the tomatoes in large sizes and cook until the water dries up
3. Add the oil to the tomatoes and stir for about 10 minutes
4. Blend the pepper and crayfish and add
5. Add the stock cubes and salt
6. If you have meat stock, you can add at this point
7. Boil water in a pot, add the stew as the water is boiling, sieving out the oil.
8. Allow to boil for about 10 minutes, then add the rice.
9. Allow to cook until the rice is done.

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