Spicy Ice Fish Peppersoup

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The recent heavy rain in the Eastern part of Nigeria, has necessitated our choice of cooking and eating spicy food like soups and sipping hot tea. Nigerian Peppersoup is known for being spicy. We use local spices to prepare these delicacies, moreso now that fresh Nsukka yellow pepper is generously grown in Nsukka ONLY and distributed across the country. The aroma of our Nsukka yellow pepper is second to none. Oh yes…I said that👌😆! And in case you have forgotten where Nsukka is located, University of Nigeria, Nsukka should remind you

I also love Cameroun pepper because of its unique aroma. I couldn’t avoid adding it in this peppersoup because it’s everything SPICY👌☺.

Let me save you all the gist and delve into the business of today. Here we go with the recipe👇

Spicy Ice Fish Peppersoup

1. One Ice fish (Scumbia)
2. Onion (One medium-sized bulb)
3. One red ball pepper
4. One seasoning cube
5. Half teaspoon salt
6. Half teaspoon thyme
7. A pinch of grounded cloves
8. One yellow pepper (Nigerian Nsukka Pepper)
9. A pinch of grounded Cameroun pepper
10. Few Scent leaves
11. Grounded uziza.

1. Cut the fish into sizeable chunks and add into the pot.
2. Add water at the same level with the fish and place the pot on the burner.
3. Chop the onions, yellow pepper,half of the ball pepper and add into the pot.
4. Add thyme, seasoning cubes, grounded uziza, cloves, salt and cook for 15 minutes.
5. Shred the scent leaves in pieces and add at this point.
6. Cook for 5 minutes, stir and turn off the burner.
7. Dish in a bowl or any plate of chpuce and sprinkle the grounded Cameroun pepper or black pepper if you do not have Cameroun pepper. The fresh and spicy aroma of the Cameroun pepper as well as the red ball pepper, will diffuse into the peppersoup and the taste will be WOW!
Of course, mine tasted really spicy and nice for the cold weather.

Why not try this out and drop your comments. Kindly visit my blog: www.helensfood.com
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You can watch a short clip here: https://youtu.be/lWYQr5SJvyY

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