Toasted Bread Sandwich

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Toasted bread sandwiches are very nice for breakfast, especially ones with rich, tasty fillings. Here I present to you, my grill pan-toasted bread with stir-fry chicken fillings.


1. Slices of bread

2. Grill pan

3. Mayonnaise

4. Chicken breast

5. Cabbage

6. Dark Soy Source

7. Cucumber

8. Lettuce

9. Fresh tomatoes

10. Carrot

11. Butter

12. Seasoning for the chicken (see procedure below)

13. Cooking oil for rubbing the chicken mix and greasing the grill pan.


1. Lightly smear butter on both sides of all the bread slices

2. Heat up the grill pan and gently place and press on one side of the sliced bread until golden. Flip the slice and do same on the other side.

3. Repeat process on all slices of the bread.

4. Cut the lettuce, tomatoes and cabbage in tiny bits, then grate the carrot(s).

5. Slice the tomatoes and cucumbers in thin slices.

6. Cut the chicken breast in tiny pieces to increase the surface area for fast cooking.

7. Spice the chicken pieces with a little salt, garlic, pepper and dark soy sauce.

8. Add a few drops of cooking oil (not palm oil of course) into the chicken mix and rub together.

9. Grease the grill pan with a few drops oil and add the chicken to stir-fry for about 5 minutes.

10. Add cabbage, carrots and lettuce in a bowl. Add mayonnaise, a few drops of dark soy sauce and mix.

11. Dice the tomatoes and cucumber in thin slices and place inside the bread slices alongside the filling.

That’s it. Enjoy your breakfast!


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