White rice and fresh tomatoes sauce with broccoli dressing

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After grilling some pieces of chicken today (click here for the recipe), I decided to prepare white rice and fresh tomatoes sauce to form a complete meal, although some people would take only chicken for food, especially people living on ketogenic diet (a low carb diet where the body produces ketones in the liver to be used as energy). Broccoli? Awwww…I love it! My dad introduced us to broccoli when we traveled with him to Swaziland in 2001. Since Shoprite came to Enugu, I would always pick some for myself and family, although my hubby and daughter are not broccoli fans. Now, for the recipe:

1. One large chicken lap (grilled)
2. Two cups of foreign rice (royal stallion or any other)
3. Ten pieces of large, firm, red tomatoes
4. Two knorr chicken stock cubes (Knorr chicken flavour brings out the taste of the chicken more)
5. One large red pepper
6. One large Onion
7. Two lobes of fresh white garlic
8. Fresh thyme and Coriander leaves
9. Rice mold
10. Salt to taste.

For rice:
       1. Parboil white rice for 15 minutes, then wash two times and boil again, adding a little salt to blend. Ensure the water is same level with the rice so the water doesn’t spill outside the pot which usually gets your burners rusted.
      2. Add water little by little until the rice is done. It should be a little soft when done, not starchy.
      3. Meanwhile, to save gas, you can at this juncture, put the broccoli (after washing with salt) in the pot of rice, directly on top of the rice so the heat will cook it. Sprinkle a little salt on top, for taste.

For Tomatoes Sauce: 
      1. Dice the tomatoes and Onions in large sizes alongside the pepper and set aside
      2. Add to your dry hot pot which is already on the burner, two cooking spoonfuls of Olive Oil.
      3. Dice the garlic and add to the pot of oil, making sure the oil is mildly hot so as not to get the garlic burnt.
      4. Add the diced onions and a half a half cube of the knorr chicken cube
      5. Add a little of the fresh thyme and saute for about 3 minutes on low heat.
      6. Add the diced tomatoes and cook for about 20 minutes.
      7. At this point, you will start stirring the mixture so as not to get the tomatoes burnt.
      8. When the oil floats on top, know it is getting set to add your pepper, knorr cubes, thyme and other ingredients to taste.
      9. Add salt and your chicken stock, then leave to simmer for 10 minutes and it’s done.
For dressing:
      1. Get a clean, dry flat plate and a small rice mold
      2. Scoop and stuff the boiled rice into the mold cover with a flat plate
      3. Turn over so the plate is down while the mold faces the plate
      4. Gently remove the mold by taking your hand up while the rice remains on one side of the plate to create space where you will place your chicken and sauce. This is same procedure when you are turning your cake pan over, to get the cake out of it.
      5. cut out a slice of fresh red tomatoes and cut in two halves, then place on top of the rice to contrast with the white rice, as seen in the picture.
      6. Place the chicken on one side, tomatoes sauce on another side, then the broccoli which should be placed close to the rice to contrast with the white rice.
     7. Finally, grab your camera and snap your beautiful dish and send to us here so we could feature on this blog.



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