White Rice and Goat Meat Sauce with Coconut Milk

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Hmmmmm. Now comes one of my favourite meals, especially when goat meat is involved. I once heard of people talk about chicken sauce, I tried it out sometime and it was nice. At a certain point, I started wondering why it’s usually called chicken sauce and taraaaa! I realized it was because of the chicken in the sauce and the sauce itself was made out of chicken…Read more>>>

And so, I thought of preparing another sauce using another meat. That solved it! I love goat meat and I decided to try my hands out and also felt like making it a bit different by adding coconut milk flavour and it turned out very nice. The recipe follows: 


1. 1.5 250g cup of white foreign rice
2. two sticks of carrot
3. One piece of irish potatoe
4. pepper
5. Thyme
6. Two stock cubes
7. Garlic
8. Curry
9. Salt to taste
10. Two eggs
11. Coconut milk
12. Goat meat
13. Garlic
14. Rice mould

1. Spice your goat meat with thyme, stock cubes of choice, onions, fresh garlic & dried Curry. Don’t add much salt nor spice the meat too much so as to create room for additional spicing when doing the sauce. 
2. While the meat is cooking, by the side, dice your carrots, green pepper, green beans, spring onions, cabbage and red pepper to shape of choice.
3. Put your frying pan on fire, add a little groundnut oil to saute the garlic & onions. It means you first add the diced fresh garlic, stir-fry for 30 seconds, then add the hausa onions & spring onions.
4. Add green beans and continue stirring.
5. Add the carrots, green and red pepper.
6. Add the cabbage and after some seconds, add a little thyme, curry powder and a half stock cube to taste. These will make the taste fresh. 
7. When the meat is well done, put it down and separate the stock. 
8. Add the stock in a lot and cook for one minute, then add the stir-fried veggies. 
9. Add mashed boiled Irish potatoes for thickening. Some people use all-purpose flour, but I think Irish is more meaningful to use in cooking. You can also dice it and add.
10. Now, add your coconut milk to taste. Don’t let it overshadow the goat-meat taste. Just a little of it will do. Some people use “Emma” coconut flavour as well. The natural coconut milk can be extracted after grating the coconut and sieving with warm water. The water is the milk to use.  Remember to add dried curry while boiling the meat to add colour to the stock.

11.  To serve, pour the white rice in a mould of choice. I used my baby’s eating plate and cut the rice in half. 

Try and mold your rice too. It looks nice, different and appealing when you do. Some kind of rice are best for molding, otherwise you cook the rice very well so it gets soft for moulding. I molded mine and cut it into half for portion control.

*Add your coleslaw and egg for garnishing*. 

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