White Yam and Carrot Egg Sauce

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Have you ever tried a recipe you have not cooked before? Well…I did it sometime when I had lots of carrots in my fridge. I was lucky to have a very cook nwa opoko yam in my kitchen store which went down well with it. For your delicious egg and stew, try out this recipe that has some touch-up and your taste bud will not remain the same in a week or two. lol. 

1. A few slices of yam
2. Three sticks of carrot
3. Three medium-sized eggs
4. A handful of green peas
5. One large onion
6. Two loves of garlic
7. Ten large Derica tomatoes
8. Three medium-sized red peppers
9. Two stock cubes
10. Two cooking spoons of vegetable oil
11. Salt to taste

1. Slice the yam to your desired shape and cook in salted water till it’s cooked. The salt should be about half a teaspoonful.I usually don’t let the level of water go above that of the yam, to get the best texture of yam. Most often it goes below the yam and I keep topping the water. 
2. When the yam is cooked, set it aside.
3. For the sauce, place a frying pan on top of the gas burner and add the vegetable oil when the pan is dried up.
4. Dice the onion and add to the moderately hot vegetable oil.
5 Add garlic to the onion and saute.
6. Dice the tomatoes and add
7. After about 20 minutes, add the stock cubes, thyme, salt and pepper.
8 Stir till the tomatoes are cooked but still fresh, with the sour taste gone.
9. Add your cooked chicken or meat in the sauce and stir.
10. Remove the meat, then beat the eggs in a small bowl and add to the tomatoes
11. Don’t stir immediately to allow the eggs coagulate a little to form some small chunks. It depends on how you  love your egg sauce anyway. 
12. Stir on low heat after which you add the diced carrots. Turn off the light after about two minutes.
13 Serve as shown in the pic. 

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